Assistant says, “Hello!”

Our second blog entry comes from our wonderful gal known to you all as “Assistant.” She has a few things she would like to say pertaining to the dolls, work and other things that go on here at The Broken Doll. Take it away!

Playing with dolls is important because it makes people know you appreciate dolls. My favorite part of working at The Broken Doll is plucking hair and painting. It is fun and interesting. Mom asked what skill I would like to learn, EVERYTHING!!!!!! I love painting, plucking hair and putting on wigs. It sounds really fun. It helps. Fun and working is fun all the time when you work for something fun.

Plucking Hair

My favorite donations have been the blankets and baby bottles because babies and baby dolls go together and I love the babies.

And that’s all I have to say…Bye Bye!!!!

Love,Assistant ❤

Plucking Hair


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