Being A Broken Doll is Difficult

We at The Broken Doll want to provide something that is precious, stable and that is THEIRS to keep with them as they travel through whatever difficult journey they are going through. We provide dolls for children going through difficult times due being in foster care, illness or other situations. We provide to children not only in the US, but also to children in third world countries via various mission. Many of these dolls we and others find have been banged up, hair cut, heads loose, paint scraped off and in just some of the most pathetic shape a toy can be in. Honestly, that is the way some children feel that receive these dolls we fix. With each doll we clean, paint, re-wig and send out to a loving forever home, we hope it brings hope into a child’s life. We hope it revives a spark of some sort. Thank you for coming to check out this site and we hope you will follow the journeys of the many dolls who will come through our home at The Broken Doll to be repaired. Blessings upon you all!


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